Гидравлический распределитель P120

Technical parameters:

  • Ambient temperature: -40C...+60C
  • Hydraulic liquid -mineral oil based/hydraulic oil
  • Viscosity: 12 ...800 mm2/s
  • Fluid temperature: -15C...+80C
  • Filtration: 10 to NAS 1638
  • Max operating pressure, P=250; T=50 bar: A , B = 300 bar
  • Leakage(A,B-T): 30cm3/min at 120bar
  • Nominal flow: 120 l/min
  • Spool stroke: 10 mm,L12+/-10/6
  • Actuating force: < 300 N
  • Modification/Spools: with 1 to 4


The hydraulic distributor Р120 is used for switching on/off and controlling of the working fluid between head flow generators (hydraulic pumps), head flow consumers (hydraulic cylinders, motors, etc.), and the tanks of hydraulic systems of mobile machines (electrical and diesel forklifts, excavators, auto-cranes, etc.).


The hydraulic distributor Р120 is a mono-block type with manual control. The body is made of cast iron EN-GJL300, and the spools are made of carburized steel with hard chrome plating


The distributor is fixed with 3 bolts М10

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